Katano Marathon 2020

Katano’s biggest sports event, Katano Marathon 2020, will be held on April 19th 2020.

More than 5000 runners participate in this event for their health and joys. The marathon courses (10km, 3km, and 1.5km) are designed to run through spring Katano.

The categories are divided as follows;

① 10km for 4,000 Men & Women (Participation fee: 3,500 Yen)

② 3km for 450 Men & Women (Participation fee: 3,000 Yen)

③ 3km for 150 Junior High School Students (13 to 15 yo) (Participation fee: 2,000 Yen)

④ 3km for 400 Primary School Students (10 to 12 yo) (Participation fee: 2,000 Yen)

⑤ 1.5km for Parents & Kids (6 to 9 yo) (Participation fee: 2,000 Yen)

Now, the entry to join in Katano Marathon 2020 is being started. If you want to be a runner, please apply for the participation in the official website of Katano Marathon 2020 ( the available language is only Japanese).

The deadline for the entry is February 29th, 2020.

For more information about this event, please contact Katano Marathon Committee Office (Phone 072-892-7727, Mon. to Fri. 10a.m. ~ 4p.m.).

For the entry, please contact Katano Marathon Entry Centre (Phone 0794-70-8200).