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Daito City One Day Free Consultation Service for Foreign Residents

Daito City will host one day free consultation service for foreign residents including neighbouring cities on March 11th. In the free consultation service, professional consultants such as administrative scrivener and public officer will give you sound advices about various issues you are facing in your daily life in Japan.

If you have any troubles such as labour issue, educational issue, and social welfare issue, let’s listen to the professional advices in this event before despairing.

This consultation service can be used in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese.

The event place is Daito City Lifelong Learning Centre (nickname: “Across”). The nearest station is JR Suminodo Station.

For more information, please contact City Planning Division of Daito City Council.

Tel. 072-870-0404 Fax. 072-872-2291



Katano Canvas 2017

A fantastic art event is back to Katano since 2015.

Katano Canvas 2017 will be held at the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University from December 23rd to 24th.

In the event, you can enjoy not only art works but also various art performances. For example, on the main stage, a famous music band – One Eighty shows their brilliant music performance. Furthermore, a girl’s cheerleading team performs their cheerleading dance.

Food stalls open only on December 23rd.

The event starts from 10:00a.m.



A Memory of The Widow Castle

Katano City Museum of History and Folklore is holding the special exhibition titled “A Memory of the Widow Castle” until December 24th. The special exhibition displays rare historical materials relating to Kisabe Castle.

When the head of Kisabe Castle, Ukon Yasumi, was enforced to kill himself by Hisahide Matsunaga who controlled the Yamato Area next to Katano, the Ukon’s widow looked after his subordinates and the castle until his son succeeded his position. Hence, Kisabe Castle was historically called “Widow Castle”.

This special exhibition introduces the history of the widow castle. This is a rare chance to know another aspect of the history of Kisabe Castle.

The special exhibition – “A Memory of The Widow Castle” is being held at Katano City Museum of History and Folklore until December 24th.


Katano Cultural Festival 2017

Katano’s annual cultural event – Katano Cultural Festival will be held at Katano Seinen no Ie (Google Map appears by clicking the place name) and Hoshi no Sato Iwafune from November 3rd to 5th.

In the festival, Katano’s cultural organisations show their daily activities such as Japanese flower arrangement (Ikebana), Japanese tea ceremony (Sado), and Japanese calligraphy (Shodo). Furthermore, in Hoshi no Sato Iwafune, Japanese traditional dance groups show their performances on the main stage.

Katano International Friendship Association opens a coffee shop in Katano Seinen no Ie. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and a nice chat with Japanese.

A shuttle bus is available between the two event places.

The event starts from 9:30a.m.~ in Katano Seinen no Ie and from 10:00a.m.~ in Hoshi no Sato Iwafune.


Katano’s Map History

Katano City Museum of History and Folklore is holding a special exhibition of Katano’s old maps. The oldest map was made in the begining of 17th century. You can learn how people used the maps in their lives. The exhibition is being opened at the city museum until September 24th.


Amanogawa Tanabata Festival 2017

Katano’s biggest summer festival – Amanogawa Tanabata Festival 2017 will be held on July 29th.

In the festival, a lot of colourful Tanabata decorations welcome your coming. At night, bamboo lanterns and glass candles illuminate the night sky. It’s so magnificent.

Furthermore, you can enjoy various food stands and events such as a story telling show and a haunted house.

The opening ceremony starts from 18:30p.m. In the ceremony, a music chorus group show their performance and Katano’s children declare starting the illumination.

If the festival date (July 29th) is rain, it will be postponed on July 30th.

How to get to the festival place

Please get off at Keihan Kisaichi Station. It’s a 15-minute walk from the station.


Katano Orihime Festival 2017 @ Hoshi no Sato Iwafune

An annual Hawaiian Hula Dance Festival named “Katano Orihime Festival 2017” will be held at Hoshi no Sato Iwafune on May 14th.

In the festival, Hula Dance groups coming throughout Osaka perform various Hawaiian dances on the main stage. Outside, furthermore, food stalls which collaborate with Katano Ikiiki Market welcome your coming.

Katano Orihime Festival starts at 9:30a.m.

How to Get to Hoshi no Sato Iwafune

It is a 10-minute walk from Keihan Kisaichi Station.

For further information about how to access the festival place, enlarge the following Google Map.


Katano City Museum’s New Exhibition: The Sengoku Period in Katano

Katano in the Sengoku Period

Katano City Museum of History and Folklore kicked off a new exhibition titled “the Sengoku Period in Katano” from July 15th.

The Sengoku Period means the Japanese civil war period from the end of 15th century to the beginning of 17th century. The period is one of crucial turning points in Japanese history.

The exhibition displays the cultural properties and photos relating to the Katano’s Sengoku Period. Particularly, a photo of a helmet used by Nagakatsu Ichihashi who is the fuedal lord in Hoshida is displayed in Katano City Museum for the first time.

Furthermore, two outstanding scholars studying the history of Kita-kawachi Area will talk about the Sengoku Period on August 11th.

The exhibition opens until October 2nd.


Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival 2016


One of the biggest summer festivals in Katano is held on July 30th. Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival welcomes your coming at Keihan Kisaichi Station, the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University, Mizube Plaza, and Hoshi no Sato Iwafune.

In the festival, various events such as story-telling show and candle illumination are held in the four festival places. Particularly, the candle illumination embraces the festival with an air of fantasy. Of course, food & drink stands using Katano’s local produces will open. July 3oth must be a unforgettable day for you.

Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival starts from 15:00p.m.

If July 30th be rain, the festival will be postponed on July 31st.

The nearest station is Keihan Kisaichi Station.

For further details of how to get to Katano Amanogawa Tanabata Festival, have a look at Google Map (Click Here).


Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

Date & Time: July 2nd 1:00p.m.~ ※A pre-event by Setsunan University starts from 11a.m.

Venue: Keihan Hirakatashi Station Concourse (2F) & Keihan Kisaichi Station

Hirakata City Hall (HCH) and Katano Tourist Association (KTA) host a collaborative tourism event on July 2nd. A beautiful river called “Amanogawa” (the Milky Way) is running between Hirakata and Katano. There is an old romantic story relating to the Tale of Tanabata in the two cities. The story is that a young couple was allowed to meet up once a year on a bridge arching Amanogawa River (for futher detail of this story, click here).

To boost Hirakata’s and Katano’s tourism promotion more and more, KTA is planning various collaborative events with HCH. In the first event on July 2nd, wrapped trains printing Hikoboshikun (Hirakata), Orihimechan (Katano), and Hoshi no Aman (Katano) run Keihan Katano Line. Furthermore, you can challenge a stamp rally game.

Hikoboshikun, Orihimechan, and Hoshi no Aman come to the opening event to welcome the participants.

For futher information about Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016, contact Katano Tourist Association and Section for Community Animation (Nigiwaikoryu Ka) in Hirakata City Hall.


The 4th Ohinasama Exhibition brings spring to Katano


The 4th Ohinasama Exhibition kicks off at Katano City Museum of History and Folklore from February 5th. The museum collects and displays various Hina dolls which have been used in Katano. Some of them were made in the Edo period. The Hina dolls is a big spring event to pray for girls’ healthy lives. You may be able to feel how people enjoyed Hina festival (Hinamatsuri) by decorating Hina dolls at the museum. The exhibition ends on March 31st.


Useful Town Guide Book Available Now


North Osaka Chamber of Commerce has published a town guide book titled ‘Machiaruki Guide Book’. The guide book introduces travel spots, restaurants, and grocery stores in Hirakata City, Neyagawa City, and Katano City.

Furthermore, if showing the guide book at the introduced shops, you can receive special services such as discount.

The town guide book is available at the introduced restaurants, shops, three town hall offices, and the branch offices of North Osaka Chamber of Commerce.

In Katano City Council, Minna no Katsuryoku Ka, the Hoshida branch office, the Katano branch office of North Osaka Chamber of Commerce have a stock of the guide book. It is distributed on a first-come-first-served basis.


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