The List of Hospitals and Clinics in Katano City


Here is an English list of Katano’s clinics and hospitals. To have a look at it, please download the file below.

The list of hospitals and clinics in katano (Excel File)

If you want to search hospitals and clinics that are available in foreign languages, please use “Information on the Medical Institution” provided by Osaka Prefectural Government.

Information on the Medical Institution

If you need to go to a clinic (or a hospital) late at night or at weekends, the following clinics and hospitals are available in Katano.

Katano Holiday Clinic

5-1 Amanogahara Cho 5 Chome Katano City

Phone: 072-891-8124

Open: Sundays, Bank holidays, and New year holidays

Opening hours: (Internal medicine & Pediatrics) 9:45am~1:45pm, (Dental clinic) 9:45am~11:45am

Katano Byoin

39-1 Matsuzuka Katano City

Phone: 072-891-0331

Open: Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank holidays (except New year holidays)

Opening hours: (Internal medicine for those aged 15 or more) 18:00pm~21:00pm

Kita Kawachi Child Night-time Emergency Centre

14-6 Kinyahonmachi 2 Chome Hirakata City

1F Hirakata Medical Hall (next to Hirakata City Hospital)

Phone: 072-840-7555

Open: Everyday

Opening hours: 20:30pm~5:30am

This centre is available for children aged up to 15.