One of Katano no Chikara’s products, Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari (Water) won Grand Gold Prize in Monde Selection 2019 (Beer, Water, & Soft Drink Division). For more details of Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari, please click the photo of Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari.

To promote the local foods made in Katano, Katano City set up a new local food registration system – Katano no Chikara. In this system, Katano City registers foods & drinks which are using Katano’s local ingredients in the list of Katano no Chikara. They are broadly sold as safe and trustable local foods & drinks made in Katano. Many of them can be purchased only in Katano. Let’s come and try Katano no Chikara!!

The List of Foods & Drinks & Products (6 Items)

Orihime no Sato (Yamano Shuzo)

Jinguji Grape Vinegar & Syrup (Tanaka Grape Garden)

Katano Gelato (Katano Merchant Association)

Orihimechan no Hoppeta (Hand-made Bakery aLzo)

Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari (Katano Water Works Bureau)