Katano no Chikara; The Local Foods & Products Made in Katano

To promote the local foods made in Katano, Katano City set up a new local food registration system – Katano no Chikara. In this system, Katano City registers foods & drinks which are using Katano’s local ingredients in the list of Katano no Chikara. They are broadly sold as safe and trustable local foods & drinks made in Katano. Many of them can be purchased only in Katano. Let’s come and try Katano no Chikara!!

The List of Foods & Drinks & Products (20 Items, as of June 2022)

Grape Syrup & Vinegar

Type of Product: Seasoning

Producer: Tanaka Grape Farm

Katano Gelato

Type of Product: Food

Producer: Katano Marchant Association