Hoshi no Buranko (Fumin no Mori Hoshida Park)

Hoshi no Buranko is a wooden suspension bridge in Hoshida Park managed by the Greeny Promotion Department of Osaka prefecture. The 280-meter bridge is built at 50 meters from the ground. You can enjoy seasonal sceneries from the bridge. It will bring you an impressive experience, which you cannot feel in the centre of Osaka.

Hoshida Park also has a rock-climing wall. Many rock climers from children to adults challenge the big wall.

Fumin no Mori Hoshida Park

5019-1 Hoshida Katano City Osaka, Japan

(postal code) 576-0011

Phone. 81-(0)72-891-0110

URL. http://osaka-midori.jp/mori/enchi/hoshida.html

Close. Tuesdays (except April, May, October, and November). If Tuesday be a bank holiday, the park is closed on Wednesday.

Admission fee is free.


How to get there

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