Katano Charity Marathon

Charity Marathon 2013


Katano City aiming at a handicapped-friendly city holds the Charity Marathon since 2012. Mr. Norihiro Akahoshi, who is an ex-professional baseball player of Hanshin Tigers, is designated as an honorary organiser of the Katano Charity Marathon. He is keen on charities for the disabled and continues to donate wheel chairs since the professinal baseball player. This charity marathon supports his charity and attempts to empower citizens as volunteers.

In the first charity marathon 2012, 5000 runners ran through Katano City and 900 volunteers supported the marathon. The second draw to successfully end by 6000 runners and 1200 volunteers in spite of poor weather.

Various local shops assisted the marathon by opening food stands at Ikiiki Land Katano.

Part of the profit from runners’ paticipation fees is donated to Mr. Akahoshi’s charity.


The Second Katano Charity Marathon 2013 


The Katano Charity Marathon Official Website