Orihime Station 3

In the 4th weekend, the Katano Ikiiki Marche is held at Katano Ikiiki Land. ‘Marche’ means a special market, in which various shops sell their commodities in the same place. The shops open food stands, souvenir stands, and glossary stands in the markets.

On a special stage set in centre of the market place, many performers show their performances. In the march held on May 25th 2013, for example, 2 performers played ‘Koto (a Japanese harp)’ before audiences.

Two performer played Koto (Japanese harp).

Two performer played Koto (Japanese harp).









Katano Ikiiki Marche; The Orihime Station

Date:  the 4th Saturday of each month

Event Place: Ikiiki Land Katano

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