If you like Hawai, please come to a Hawaiian restaurant in Katano; Hale Lani. The owner, Ms. Ayumi Yamasaki, launched the Hawaiian restaurant 7 years ago and moved to the current address 3 years ago. Ms. Yamasaki says that her friends in Hawai strongly influenced her and she decided to open a Hawaiian restaurant in Katano. In other words, Hawai is part of her body.

CIMG6828On the ground floor, you can have Hawaiian cuisines like Loco Moco and Hawaiian plate lunch. Hale Lani opens a Hawaiian dance lesson and an ukulele lesson on the 1st floor. The students of the Hawaiian dance lesson have a chance to show their performance once a year in the Orihime festival held at Katano Ikiiki Land. Hale Lani also holds various concerts such as jazz, blues, and acoustic.

Ms. Yamasaki hopes that Hale Lani is a comfort restaurant for many customers to enjoy Hawaiian culture.


Hawaiian Restaurant Hale Lani

34-1 Kozu 4 Chome Katano City

Open: 9:00a.m. ~ 19:00p.m.

Close: Tuesdays, Bankholidays, Sunday of the second week

Phone: 072-894-0687



How to get to Hale Lani

It is 10-minute walk from the Kozu Station of the Keihan Katano Line.

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I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Ayumi Yamasaki, who allows me to introduce her restaurant on this website.