Hawaiian & Okinawa Restaurant Hale Lani Shokudo


If you like Hawai and Okinawa, please come to Hale Lani Shokudo. The owner, Ms. Ayumi Yamasaki, initially launched a Hawaiian style restaurant. She says that she decided to open a Hawaiian restaurant in Katano thanks to her friends in Hawai.

In January 2023, Hale Lani evolved as a Hawaiian & Okinawa restaurant. Ms. Ayumi Yamasaki and a new

CIMG6828On the ground floor, you can enjoy not only Hawaiian cuisines like Loco Moco and Hawaiian plate lunch but also Okinawa cuisines. Hale Lani opens a Hawaiian dance lesson and an ukulele lesson on the 1st floor. The students of the Hawaiian dance lesson have a chance to show their performance once a year in the Orihime festival held at Katano Ikiiki Land. Hale Lani also holds various concerts such as jazz, blues, and acoustic.

Ms. Yamasaki hopes that Hale Lani is a comfort restaurant for many customers to enjoy Hawaiian culture.

Hawaiian Restaurant Hale Lani

34-1 Kozu 4 Chome Katano City

Open: 9:00a.m. ~ 19:00p.m.

Close: Tuesdays, Bankholidays, Sunday of the second week

Phone: 072-894-0687

URL: http://halelani.info/

How to get to Hale Lani

It is 10-minute walk from the Kozu Station of the Keihan Katano Line.

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I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Ayumi Yamasaki, who allows me to introduce her restaurant on this website.