Current Katano City Part 2

In 1989, Suiren Ike (the water lily pond) in the Kurondo Park, Genji no Taki (the Genji waterfall), and the strand of cherry blossoms in Myoken were selected as the best 100 natural spots in Osaka.

Katano has plenty of legends and places relating to the tale of Tanabata. Hence, Katano calls itself ‘Hoshi no Machi Katano(the stellar city Katano)’ to appeal the fasination of the city. In 1996, ‘Hoshi no Machi Katano Tanabata Festa’ was held.

As mentioned in Chapter 1, there are many remains in Katano. The Katano City Museum of History and Folklore opened in 2004 to house the historical artifacts found from the remains. The museum tells us Katano’s great history from ancient to present.

Katano City Education and Culture Hall
Katano City Education and Culture Hall








To broadly announce Katano’s information, the council’s website opened in 2001.