Cafe Cheers


Katano City aims at the most tolerance city not only to foreign residents but also to challenged persons in Japan. It means that everyone can enjoy their own lives without physical or mental barriers.

In Nordic countries, the idea of ‘normalisation’ emerged in the 1960’s. Challenged persons, as well as other persons, have a right to freely make a choice for increasing their happiness. Many people tend to think challenged persons should be ‘protected’ by laws and social system. However, it does not mean the acceptance of challenged persons into real society. Rather, it means a kind of segregation of them from society. It is more important to create society, where challenged persons can independently make a decision by themselves for acting as a member of society. It is the idea of ‘normalisation’.

Cheers is a cafe offering opportunities for challenged persons to manage their way of life by themselves. They work there as a clerk and an assistant. Cheers is a leading workplace of ‘normalisation’ in Katano.


Cafe Cheers

1-20 Kisabe 2 Chome Katano City

Phone & Fax: 072-893-8933

Open: 10:00a.m. ~ 18:00p.m.

Lunch Time: 11:00a.m. ~ 14:00p.m.

Close: Sunday, Monday, and Bank holidays


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I would like to express many thanks to Ms. Yoshiko Naka who has allowed me to introduce Cafe Cheers in this website.