Orihime no Sato is a Japanese Sake made by Yamano Shuzo that is one of the Sake breweries in Katano. Orihime no Sato uses Katano’s local Sake rice and pure water. The taste is sweet and smooth. Orihime no Sato is available at Yamano Shuzo and Katano’s liquor shops.

For further information about Yamano Shuzo, please have a look at Katano Community Report.


Tokubetsu Jyunmai (1800ml) 3,177 Yen

Tokubetsu Jyunmai (720ml) 1,491 Yen


Yamano Shuzo

11-2 Kisabe 7 Chome Katano City Osaka

URL: http://katanosakura.com