SotoCafe is located near Keihan Kisaichi Station.

Kisaichi Station is not a big station. But, the station is the central place connecting to Katano’s great nature such as the Botanical Garden of Osaka City University and Osaka Prefectural Forest Park.

Hoshi no Buranko

Therefore, a lot of hikers come to Keihan Kisaichi Station every weekend. In particular, a big suspension bridge called “Hoshi no Buranko” gathers a huge number of visitors who watch autumn leaves sea. The scenery of autumn leaves sea is magnificent.





SotoCafe is the best place to have a break after a long walk. The cafe is tenderly embraced by sunshine filtering through the branches of trees. The space can mitigate hikers’ tiredness with a cup of coffee.



Deep-flied Cutlet of Chicken


Of course, you can enjoy cakes and meals in the cafe. SotoCafe serves lunch menues in reasonable prices. The owner’s recommendation is deep-flied cutlet of chicken. You can choose one of two sauces – tartar and tomato. It is crunchy and juicy. You must like it.




The SotoCafe’s owner, furthermore, runs a trail running shop – SotoAso near Kisaichi Station. He plays an central role to promote Katano’s great nature as a tourism resource. He hosts a variety of events in the Kisaichi area.




Katano Trail Running Challenge Cup 2017


For example, he holds Katano Trail Running Challenge Cup in summer. In this events, participants run through a wild trail path. A number of participants is increasing year by year. Katano Trail Running Challenge Cup is one of the biggest summer events of Katano.




4-10 Kisaichi 8 Chome Katano City

Opening hours:

(Weekday) 12:00p.m. ~ 5:00p.m.

(Weekend) 11:00a.m. ~ 5:00p.m.


Monday & Wednesday