Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari

Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari won Grand Gold Prize (Beer, Water, & Soft Drink Division) in Monde Selection 2019.

Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari is tap water filtered by a high water-filtering system. Katano is regarded as a famous place where abundant natural water is flowing from the Ikoma mountains. Therefore, since the ancient period, people of Katano have been using affluent natural resource for rice and Sake.

To provide clean and safe water, Katano Water Bureau pays attention to the water-filtering system. Water goes through multi-layered filters until it reaches the drinkable quality. The condition of the drinkable quality is very severe. Hence, Katano’s tap water is highly evaluated as high-quality water.

People of Katano can always use the tap water. However, it is provided to only Katano. Katano Water Bureau and Katano City Council decided to bottle and sell Katano’s tap water so that people of other cities can drink Katano’s yummy tap water. It is Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari.

The meaning of Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari is that a drop fallen from a star shines instantly. Katano is famous as one of star cities deeply relating to the Tale of Tanabata. Therefore, the product was labelled as Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari.

Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari uses 100% natural groundwater in Katano. As mentioned above, Katano’s natural water is highly evaluated as clean water. Therefore, Katano’s tap water using natural groundwater can be supplied to the citizens in the high condition.

Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari is also the best for any types of cuisines such as French, Italian, Chinese, and Indian. Of course, it is very suitable for Japanese cuisine.

Hoshi no Shizuku Kirari is available at Katano City Council and Katano Water Works Bureau.

Katano Water Works Bureau

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