On COVID Vaccine in Katano

COVID vaccination has been started from February 17th 2021 in Japan. The vaccination priority is 1st Medical Workers, 2nd Those aged over 65, 3rd Those who have pre-existing conditions or who work at care homes. 4th Those aged over 16. As of February 28th, vaccines are being provided to medical workers such as doctors and nurses.

The central government will deliver vaccines to each prefecture in order. Osaka will receive 3900 doses in the first week beginning from April 5th.

Delivery Schedule for Osaka

The first week (4/5~) 3900 doses

The second week (4/12~) 19500 doses

The third week (4/19~) 19500 doses

At this moment, Katano does not know how many vaccines will be provided from Osaka Prefectural Government.

However, when they come, Katano immediately starts vaccinations for elderly people.

To get a vaccination, you need a voucher Katano City Hall issues. It will be sent from the town hall when vaccinations are ready.

I Love Katano also will upload the latest information for foreign residents in Katano.