It is unknown exactly when the Sumiyoshi Shrine was built. Until the Edo period, there was Kunai Genko Ji (temple) in the shrine. But, in the begining of the Meiji period, the temple was extinct.

The Sumiyoshi Shrine enshrines Sumiyoshi Yonshin; Uwatsutsuo no Mikoto, Nagatsutsuo no Mikoto, Sokotsutsuo no Mikoto, and Jingu Kogo (the Jingu Empress).

The shrine hosts various Shinto events such as Hatsumode and Katano Ebisu. In Katano Ebisu, people wish their good business and purchase a low and striped bamboo (Kumazasa) decorated by fortune ornaments.


Low and striped bamboos


Sumiyoshi Jinjya

36-2 Kisabe 1 Chome Katano City Osaka, (zip-code) 576-0052

How to access to the Sumiyoshi Shrine:

Get off at Sumiyoshi Jinjya Mae of Keihan Bus running between Korien and Tsuda or Katano City Station


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