Shishikutsu Ji (the Shishikutsu JI Temple)



In the Nara period, the Emperor Shomu (reign: 724-749) ordered the construction of the Shishikutsu Ji Temple to a high-rank monk, Gyoki, who initiated the construction of the Great Buddha of the Todai Ji Temple.

Before the Shishikutsu Ji Temple was built, the place had already been used for spiritual training for the practitioners of Shugen Do.

The temple nearly decayed in the Kamakura period. But, the grand emperor Kameyama restored it in the 14th century. The Shishikutsu Ji Temple was fired by the Toyotomi’s troop in 1615, due to the rejection to support Toyotomi in the battle with Tokugawa.

Although the 12 buildings burnt down in the fire, the temple was rebuilt in the Kanei period (1624 to 1643).

The Shishikutsu Ji Temple houses a national treasure, Yakushinyoraizazo, registered in 1968. The temple is located on the summit of Fukensan and the visitors can enjoy not only a quaint atmosphere surrounding the temple but also a nice veiw from the top.


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