Hatamono Jinjya (the Hatamono Shrine)

Hatamono Shrine


Nobody accurately knows when the Hatamono Shrine was built. But, it is said that the Hatamono had been regarded as a prestigious shrine in the Muromachi period.

The mainly enshrined deity is Ame no Tanabatahime no Okami who is known as Orihime. Other enshrined deities are Takuhatachijihime, Kotoshironushi, and Yaekotoshironushi.

In the Hatamono shrine, the Tanabata festival is held in July 6th and 7th. Many people enjoy night stalls of goldfish scooping (kingyo sukui), yo-yo picking (yo-yo tsuri), chocolate-wrapped bananas, and caramel-wrapped apples.


People write thier wishes in a strip of paper called “Tanzaku” in Japanese and hang it up on a bamboo. The banboo is thrown into Amanogawa River to send people’s wishes to deities in the sky.

In recent years, many visitors come to the shrine during Tanabata Festival and pray for their wishes.


Hatamono Jinjya

1-7 Kuraji 1 Chome Katano Osaka



How to get to the Hatamono Shrine:

You can get to the Hatamon Shrine in a 10-minute-walk from the Kuraji bus stop of Keihan Bus running between Tsuda and Korien or Katanoshi.


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