Kaigake no Michi (the Kaigake Road)

Kaigake no Michi


The Kaigake Road is heading to Nara prefecture. It was used as a main trafic road between Kawachi to Nara.

In the Sengoku period, Kisabe castle built by Ukon Yasumi was sometimes attacted by feudal lords in Nara. They came to Katano from the Kaigake Road.

On the road, there are stone lanterns and a big stone. The stone is called ‘Kaeru Ishi’. ‘Kaeru’ means ‘come back to a home’.

Long time ago, a loving couple in the Kawachi area received a mandate about corvee. The husband had to stay away for a while. The wife reluctantly accepted it and saw off him at the stone lanterns. She thought he would come back to their home before long. But, he was dead at a work place due to an accident.

She, who did not know his death, waited for him next to the lanterns everyday. Finally, she, herself, became the stone (the Kaeru Ishi).


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