A strong heat wave is hitting the Japanese archipelago. If you go outside in daytime, the feeling temperature will reach more than 40℃. Please be careful about the latest weather condition. If you feel sick due to this unusual weather, please go to a clinic immediately. To avoid getting a heat stroke, please drink isotonic water frequently. In addition, you sweat a lot even when sleeping. Plesae drink a cup of water before going to bed and use an air conditioner even at night.

Thank you for coming to I Love Katano.

This is a private website to root for Katano City (Osaka, Japan). This website will introduce Katano City’s history, culture, latest events, and popular spots. I hope you enjoy them and have the interests in Katano City.

Although Katano City is an obscure city for even many Japanese as well as foreign travelers who visit Japan, it has a variety of original events and spots. I would like you to experience a quaint countryside of Japan in Katano City.

If interesting, please visit Katano City and discover something new.

I would be happy if this website is helpful for your travel to Japan.


New Upload

August 17th Hannyaji Temple uploaded in “Visit Katano

New Disaster Prevention Manual Uploaded in Katano’s Disaster Prevention Manual page

Natural Disasters in Katano revised edition 2014
Natural Disasters in Katano revised edition 2014

A new revised disaster prevention manual for foreign residents of Katano; “Natural Disasters in Katano revised edition 2014” has been completed. A new page about Emergency Warning System has been added to the manual. It would be happy if the revised manual is helpful to learn natural disasters in Katano.

To read the revised manual, please click here.


Katano’s Latest News

Osaka 8.8 Million Drill for Natural Disasters 2018

Osaka Prefecture will carry out a rehearsal of the procedure to be followed in an emergaency case on September 5th. This is not mandatory for all citizens. But, this is very important to think about what to do in serious natural disasters.

In the rehearsal, your mobile will receive warning calls. First, Osaka Prefectural Government will issue the great Tsunami warning (Otsunami Keiho) at 11:03a.m. Second, Katano City Council will announce the fire expansion warning (Kasai Kakudai Tsuho) at 11:15a.m.  Even if your mobile switches on Silent Mode, a warning alarm runs. If you do not want to listen to the alarm from your mobile, please switch it off.


Katano Boryo Remains Exhibition 2018

Katano City Museum of History and Folklore is holding Katano Boryo Remains Exhibition 2018 from May 16th to October 28th.

The exhibition reports the result of the Boryo Remains research in 2018. A variety of stone tools and clay pots from the Jyomon Period to the Muromachi Period were found from the remains.

Particularly, one of the biggest results of the research is a Yayoi-style grave. The Yayoi-style grave is a square grave surrounded by ditches. This grave has been rarely found in Katano so far.

You will be able to know new history of Katano in Katano Boryo Exhibition 2018.


Let’s Enjoy Holiday in Katano with Katano Gelato

Katano Jelato

Katano Merchant Association (Katano Shogyo Rengokai) has produced new Italian ice cream called “Katano Gelato”.

To collaborate with local companies and farmers, Katano’s local foods are used as an ingredient. For example, Yamano Shuzo’s Sake lees flavour, Mr. Masui’s lemon flavour, and Mr. Hoshino’s kiwi fruit flavour are sold at several shops and restaurants in Katano. Furthermore, new flavours using Katano’s local produces will be appeared in the shops and restaurants consecutively.

Katano Gelato is the best ice cream that can satisfy you.

The Social Security and Tax Number System


The Social Security and Tax Number System starts from October 1st 2015. In this system, your 12-digit individual number is determined on October 5th and is informed to you by a paper notification.

For further information about the Social Security and Tax Number System, a new page has been opened (Click Here).



I owe many thanks to the Minna no Katsuryoku Ka of Katano City Council, Katano City Foundation for Cultural Properties, archivists of Katano City Museum of History and Folklore, librarians of Katano City Library, Katano International Friendship Association, and my friends. They helped me to make this website.