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This is a private website to root for Katano City (Osaka, Japan). This website will introduce Katano City’s history, culture, latest events, and popular spots. I hope you enjoy them and have the interests in Katano City.

Although Katano City is an obscure city for even many Japanese as well as foreign travelers who visit Japan, it has a variety of original events and spots. I would like you to experience a quaint countryside of Japan in Katano City.

If interesting, please visit Katano City and discover something new.

I would be happy if this website is helpful for your travel to Japan.


New Upload

Mar. 11th The new page, Katano Economic Report, has uploaded a new company report. The Report File No.2 is Yamano Shuzo Ltd.

New Disaster Prevention Manual Uploaded on Katano’s Disaster Prevention Manual page

Natural Disasters in Katano revised edition 2014
Natural Disasters in Katano revised edition 2014

A new revised disaster prevention manual for foreign residents of Katano; “Natural Disasters in Katano revised edition 2014” has been completed. A new page about Emergency Warning System has been added to the manual. It would be happy if the revised manual is helpful to learn natural disasters in Katano.

To read the revised manual, please click here.


Katano’s Latest News
Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016

Date & Time: July 2nd 1:00p.m.~ ※A pre-event by Setsunan University starts from 11a.m.

Venue: Keihan Hirakatashi Station Concourse (2F) & Keihan Kisaichi Station

Hirakata City Hall (HCH) and Katano Tourist Association (KTA) host a collaborative tourism event on July 2nd. A beautiful river called “Amanogawa” (the Milky Way) is running between Hirakata and Katano. There is an old romantic story relating to the Tale of Tanabata in the two cities. The story is that a young couple was allowed to meet up once a year on a bridge arching Amanogawa River (for futher detail of this story, click here).

To boost Hirakata’s and Katano’s tourism promotion more and more, KTA is planning various collaborative events with HCH. In the first event on July 2nd, wrapped trains printing Hikoboshikun (Hirakata), Orihimechan (Katano), and Hoshi no Aman (Katano) run Keihan Katano Line. Furthermore, you can challenge a stamp rally game.

Hikoboshikun, Orihimechan, and Hoshi no Aman come to the opening event to welcome the participants.

For futher information about Hirakata Katano Amanogawa Tourism Opening Event 2016, contact Katano Tourist Association and Section for Community Animation (Nigiwaikoryu Ka) in Hirakata City Hall.


Let’s Enjoy Holiday in Katano with Katano Gelato

Katano Jelato

Katano Merchant Association (Katano Shogyo Rengokai) has produced new Italian ice cream called “Katano Gelato”.

To collaborate with local companies and farmers, Katano’s local foods are used as an ingredient. For example, Yamano Shuzo’s Sake lees flavour, Mr. Masui’s lemon flavour, and Mr. Hoshino’s kiwi fruit flavour are sold at several shops and restaurants in Katano. Furthermore, new flavours using Katano’s local produces will be appeared in the shops and restaurants consecutively.

Katano Gelato is the best ice cream that can satisfy you.

The Social Security and Tax Number System


The Social Security and Tax Number System starts from October 1st 2015. In this system, your 12-digit individual number is determined on October 5th and is informed to you by a paper notification.

For further information about the Social Security and Tax Number System, a new page has been opened (Click Here).



I owe many thanks to the Minna no Katsuryoku Ka of Katano City Council, Katano City Foundation for Cultural Properties, archivists of Katano City Museum of History and Folklore, librarians of Katano City Library, Katano International Friendship Association, and my friends. They helped me to make this website.