The 3rd Katano Ramen Competition

The 3rd Katano Ramen Competition is held at Ikiiki Land Katano on November 26th.

16 shops serve their original ramens to win a championship.

In addition, other food or goods booths welcome your coming.

On Tickets

The tickets are available before or on the event day. If you purchase them in advence, the price is discounted from 1,600JPY to 1,400JPY (three tickets per sheet). One ticket is worth 400JPY.

The tickets can be used not only at ramen stalls but also at other booths during the event.

The tickets are not refunded except the cancellation of the event.

The 3rd Katano Ramen Competition starts at 11AM.

On the shops that sell the tickets in advance

The tickets are available at the following shops in advance.

Okita Engei (13-7 Kisabe Nishi 1 Chome)

Tempura Ten (12-5 Kisabe 3 Chome)

Nagomi Sakaba Miinchi (29-7 Kisabe Nishi 1 Chome)

Bar Boon (43-1 Umegae)

Kiraku Chuka TEN TEN (18-1 Kisabe 3 Chome)

Hale Lani Shokudo (34-1 Kozu 4 Chome)

Yamada Baisen (67-13 Kozu 5 Chome)

Wari Pro Design Office (67-8 Kozu 1 Chome)

Scafe (35-2 Kisabe 6 Chome)

Tane Cafe (4-10 Kisaichi 8 Chome)

Menya Kawakami (12-11 Kori Shinmachi Neyagawa City)

TAMUTAMU…BAUMUKUHEN FACTORY (5-1 Makinosaka 2 Chome Hirakata City)

On Voting

You get a pair of chopsticks in one sheet (three tickets). The pair of chopsticks are counted as two votes. In other words, if purchasing one sheet, you have two votes for the ramen competition.

Buckets printing the ramen shops are lined on a table. You cast your chopsticks into the bucket of the shop that has served your most favourite ramen.

Buckets for Voting